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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Need a boost, my indie friends? Get out fabric, it's time to make your quilt!

This one is dedicated to all my indie artists/friends out there who are giving it their personal best, and still struggling with being/feeling "OK!" YOU WILL BE OK. I WILL BE OK. IT WILL BE OK! I've needed to hear it before, and this is my turn to say it back to you!

Sometimes ya just gotta get through the day, and meditate on what you feel you need to do better. Then get off your cute butt the next day, and start doin' it!

It's a hard gig, but no one wants to hear it. What other job do you perform where working for free 10 years + is totally accepted?

Think about it... how many times have you (this includes me!) asked or been asked by someone to work for no compensation? It's totally acceptable, because we're all trying to be a part of an indie-patchwork community or project where we can eventually show off our best quilt work, be noticed, and feel some sort of accomplishment or gratification for all the sweat equity.

But when does good become good enough? If you're like me, you've thought this numerous times! Ya gotta get OVER IT. OK, perhaps that was a note to myself... busted. Fine.

With modernized technology, and the new age transition with film and how we view it/buy it, there's so much competition, even the best educated guessing seems more like "guessing."

What about those times when we do our best, and our best doesn't translate to "good enough" in other people's eyes? That feels pretty shitty, doesn't it?

So, does that make us bad artists? Should we just give up on our dreams because of a bad review, or a harsh reaction to our work? HECK NO, SUNSHINE!

YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY! It's part of your patchwork!

If we're willing to throw in the towel that easily, we should, indeed, choose another field. And that wouldn't be as FUN, now would it? :)

It seems that it's harder than ever to get in front of an audience - a specific one, that is. But you're not alone! OK, maybe you are (sometimes)... but you've got my support & a lot of others. ;)

What's even considered an online community anymore? Sometimes I feel swallowed up by how many networks there are to keep up with, and what my real pay-off with them is anyhow? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy "networking" and seeing other people's indie projects progress. Some results, I can even see with clarity — the opportunity to meet industry people who share similar interests and want to support others. Plus, I learn a lot from peers on occassion. How else would some communities even know you're alive, right?

But it's the several hundred others that's impossible to keep a dialog going with. Of course, if I were famous, getting paid to do it, or financially wealthy, and didn't have to work 3 jobs to survive, I might be able to do this all day, (i.e., MC Hammer) right?!!! Then I could REALLY be on top of my social networking game!

Where's the reality in there for all of us normal folks trying to make it happen using these tools, too?

We sure can dissect why a project didn't do well, (I see it all the time — in nice remarks and some not-so-nice online) but where's the early on detection? Where's the doctor's advice before it turns terminal? We can dig, read, follow others, do research, or ask for advice, sure. But, the successful people are busy being successful. And famous people don't have to keep a "dialog" with anyone. Everyone already cares about what they have to say, right, Oprah?

So this is what I think...

If you can do the social media thing, and do it sincerely with some consistency, Sassy pants, you'll be better off than NOT! But don't get hung up when you don't get the responses you want from others. And when you do get a response from a busier-than-life industry professional who took the time to respond to YOU (that you didn't have a good friend connect you with) then just be grateful. If you're watching when one person deletes you from FB or T, then you're not focusing on the right stuff. Furthermore, if your project sucked as much as you're lead to believe by that one IMPORTANT person, then you'd probably have never had the opportunity to be in front of them to begin with. Huh. Ever think about that?

The reality is based on your perception of you, not them. Do you think you're doing the best you can do? If not, what do you have to do to make yourself better? Focus on that, always. Focus on creating great art, and the rest will follow...

With love, respect, and a strong desire to keep improving & moving forward - Let's ROCK this thing! What other life (you know about) you got? :)



  1. Way to go, with this post! The indie part of any art is what helps us decide what we are passionate about and what is only a passing interest. But even with that, I have found it very difficult to continue forward, giving myself deadlines or "age" deadlines and attempting to justify disappointments and revel in any success. I'm currently in a class that is about using the internet and what you've written about has really moved me towards keeping my social networking eye on the prize. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Major!! That's what it's about! If we give up when we have negative feedback, instead of dealing with it constructively, then who's won? In addition, let's stop mentally competing, and be the BEST WE CAN BE! I'm so happy to hear you're keeping your eye on the prize and focusing, my friend! Wishing you wise, continued focus. :) J