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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crowdfunding Lessons & how to unleash your inner indie rock star!

OK, so we (@ Lost In Sunshine) took a chance at putting out a direct-approach video for our latest IndieGoGo campaign, which we're afraid has appeared earnest.:) So, no time to buy tissues, we're working on changing that! If we're too late, we'll take what we learned with us, so the experience won't be wasted.

Lesson 1) Inspire people to donate to your campaign with your message, don't bore them to death with your knowledge/hopes/dreams, cuties! ;)

Our demographic has always been specific. But the real question appears to be whether or not our (your) target audience will know what the hell transmedia or social media is, and if they'll contribute/get involved. In addition, if we have a chance at our target audience contributing, assuming we have the wherewithal to reach them, they'll have to understand it.

Are you seeing question marks on your forehead in the mirror?
GREAT NEWS! You're not from Mars...:)

Lesson 2) Whip out your silver spoon, Sunshines, it's time to feed greens to those cats who are hard core chocolate lovers! When not sure your audience will understand what to do, don't insult them or go postal! Just be clever ole you, throw on your creative beanie, and figure out another delivery method!

This reminds me of the show don't tell rule in screenwriting. How will your audience know what to do, if it hasn't been done before?

Lesson 3) Show your audience by example, whether it be via video or instructional. But remember, don't be a BORING wizard! Be a playful pup!

Why should someone care about (y)our project/story anyhow?

Good question.

Sometimes people don't know they should care until you let them know why they should. As an indie artist, I personally back/support/produce material that inspires me. Fills me up. I'm not looking for the most original idea I've ever heard (1800's miner comes back to life and performs satanic rituals to rid the small town of its disease - although that could be good...) or the greatest indie project on earth (c'mon, I'm just a mid-aged white girl from TX, who wrote a dramatic comedy about a small town girl!!... although, my great grandmother was 50% Charokee... hmmmm), but I do look for things that speak to me, ask questions, have an enthusiastic spirit and partners that believe in the message.

What inspires you??

Lesson 4) Respect constructive criticism the same way you respect yourself. :)

Remember that little thing we talked about continuously getting better...?

Well, YEAH! It's part of the process that only you can fight, or work to get right!

Love, Love, Love, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, and unleash your inner indie rock star, baby!
<3 Jentri

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