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Monday, March 14, 2011

Expand You.

To make a successful movie, do you have to first be a successful artist?

Is success really in the eyes of the beholder(s)? Subjective? Or is it across the board?

Have you been feeling frustrated, like we have with LIS, trying to reach your audience and make them care about what you've got going on? You're not alone, cutzies!

In order for us to make successful films, we need to continue marketing, not only the project, but OURSELVES by continuously creating our best art. What have you been working on lately that's going to advance your agenda? What have you been working on lately that's going to get you noticed eventually, therefore, propelling others to want to learn about what you've got going on? What can people watch NOW that will make them want MORE?

I know this has been a big realization for Lorie and I this year with Lost In Sunshine. But the first step to becoming better is acknowledging what's worked, (check) and what's not worked, (check, check) so you can stop the insanity, Sweets. Stepping out into the great unknown with our passion project has taught, and continues to teach, us valuable lessons. And that's what I'm hear to share with you today.

No one cares about characters they have no relationship with. In example: If we care about Heros, perhaps we'll go online and make ourselves one via some game, to see who wins. But that's Heros, not your low-budget movie, or Lost In Sunshine... a little indie ditty that hasn't been sung yet! We mistakenly thought they'd (you would) care about the characters if they (you) only "got to know them." But hot cakes, we're living proof that this is not always the case. Before you throw your pancakes on the griddle, you've got to have the right recipe. And that recipe's you. The characters come later, with the maple syrup. Ya feel me? ;)

This year, I've decided to expand my writing-directing portfolio with a spiritual/inspirational documentary that's in-the-making, What I Know For Sure, an additional (untitled) narrative, which I hope to shoot before LIS, and a mixed genera flick with Aether Paranormal (Paranormal Productions) currently in post. In addition, I'm writing more than last year. Lorie and I are talking about expanding our story with a LIS novel (aka online fiction) that will serve as a novelistic prequel vs. the current character blogs we have from Sunshine's characters, Lyn and Bob, right now on the website.

What are you currently working on that expands you?

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