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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stop dreaming it, and just do it!

This year, my plate is full and that's good, 'cause I'm Hungry! How about you?

With an Aether Paranormal (mixed genre piece) in post, a spiritual documentary in the mix, a new script underway (2, actually - new indie drama/apocalyptic sci-fi) and Lorie and I reinventing the wheel a bit with Lost In Sunshine, things are moving right on down the track with love and we ain't lookin' back, my brothas & sistas!

You've heard me blog and sing about "expanding yourself" this year. And for good reason - who else is going to do it, Sunshine? :)

Right now, I'm working with Paranormal Productions in post on a feature. While doing our last set of edits, and having it scored by the beautifully talented Larissa Ness of Austin, we are examining the ending in particular - making sure that it doesn't leave the audience unsatisfied at all. It's surprising - fun - inventive... but could there be more? Don't let ego get in the way of you producing your best work!!

With expansion in mind, I've been writing like crazy (thank you, Mercury in Retrograde!). I'm writing one indie drama I'm planning to shoot sometime this year (around LIS) and the other is an apocalyptic sci-fi that I'm super excited to start 'officially' writing. Just started an outline, but the idea is to keeping writing, improving, and creating things that I'm excited about! Have you tried it? It works well as an anti-depressant, too!

Don't get stagnant. Don't wait on that one special project to thrust you out into the atmosphere! This business isn't particularly patient, either. Like Christmas, it doesn't wait for those who are late.

I'm in the middle of revising Lyn's character to strengthen her intentions/responses as a whole for Lost In Sunshine. One thing I've recently learned is that if you have the time to improve upon your script in any way - you should DO IT. After I made several initial revisions to improve LIS, Lorie and I felt confident that it was at a solid place to "move forward." With unexpected time to do more with our project, I'm finding even more opportunities to improve upon. And I dig some scenes SO MUCH BETTER now. Remember, without a stand-out story or material, you have... well, nothing much I can think of!

Instead of just dreaming it - write it! Instead of being scared of failure, put on your kickass boots (or flip-flops, if you're in TX) and just do it!

Besides, failure means we had to have tried, right? That's worth something, Tiger! In some cases, it's worth everything.
xo J

ps. here's the link to my new docuemntary's blog, What I Know For Sure, if ya wanna follow its progress! ;)

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