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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say hello to my (new) little (feature) film, Born Good

Hey Friends!

Want to see how quickly film magic happens? You are about to experience the manifestation of something GOOD this year, so stay tuned, Sweetnesses! :)

Recently, I wrote a new script that we'll be filming this year in Austin and surrounding Texas areas. We'll be shooting this magic with a 7D and over the course of a week (or two). It'll be a challenging, exciting, and magical experience for me to be involved so intimately with such tremendous talent.

The idea is to take around a 60 pg. script with a solid STORY, and use actor improv to fill in the middle. Only there's no fluffy stuff... it's like a heavy cream centered, heart shaped chocolate cream puff. YUUUMMMMYYY.

Rolls like this:

The title: Born Good. Tagline: Some of us are born good. Others have to dig a little deeper.

Born Good is a dramatic dark comedy about a twenty-eight year old hot southern mess, and aspiring country music star, Katie, who returns to her tiny hometown in Texas to tend to some unfinished business, before traveling to Nashville to become the next big thing.

Born, raised, and still living in her hometown is, Steven, who secretly wishes he could be a comedian, while running his family's B&B and Hollaback Funeral Home business, but he doesn't have much hope for his dreams or future.

After Katie learns of her potentially life-threatening illness, she decides to visit Steven, and reveal a secret so big that it will change their lives forever.

Katie Page and Steven Goff
Jentri Chancey
Director of Photography
LeVan Owens
Art Director/Art Goddess
Ia Enstera
Taylor Perkins
Art/Web Design/Photography
Shad Chancey
Gabri Means

Other crew/cast TBA

Produced By
4020 Productions

I'll be posting new word on the development as we move along... expect goodness.

"Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news.
The good news is that you really don't know
How great you can be.
How much you can love
What you can accomplish
What your potential is"
Anne Frank





coming soon

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