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Friday, April 15, 2011

Born Good: Road to Liberation

Born Good is a dramatic dark comedy I wrote about knowing when to hold on… and when to let go.

This story deals with the guilt that a lot of us carry around through the years over regret. It’s about looking in the mirror and having the guts to face our own truths, or follow our own dreams, despite our diagnosis, believed fate, or what might “make sense”.

Like our Lost In Sunshine characters, these (Born Good) characters are forced to dig a little deeper. But unlike LIS, the two main characters, Katie and Steven, have "history" together, and history can often complicate things... but when it's used as a tool to determine why we've made the decisions we've made - it can clarify things, too. They just have a lot of work to do on themselves and with each other before they can figure that out!

I’m a big question asker. If it doesn’t make sense, I normally don’t want to do it – UNLESS, it’s a matter of the heart. I think we all make decisions based on passion, and daily human emotions, too. Especially women. This topic piques my interest -- raises my curiosity, and it’s one I wanted to explore with the lead female character, Katie, while writing this story.

Born Good is a dramatic dark comedy about a twenty-eight year old hot southern mess, and aspiring country music star, Katie, who returns to her tiny hometown in Texas to tend to some unfinished business, before traveling to Nashville to become the next big thing.

Born, raised, and still living in her hometown is, Steven, who secretly wishes he could be a comedian, while running his family's B&B and Hollaback Funeral Home business, but he doesn't have much hope for his dreams or future.

After Katie learns of her potentially life-threatening illness, she decides to visit Steven, and reveal a secret so big that it will change their lives forever.

I've also been working on What I Know For Sure, a spiritual documentary that asks one of the biggest questions of all time (as we know it). And with my paranormal group, Aether Paranormal, questions are essential. But we all know that asking questions, often, only leads to more questions.

Which lead me to this one: Are we all born good?

This is a tricky question that I want both of my main characters, Katie and Steven, to undertake, consume, and breathe in Born Good. I want this film to let all the ghosts hang out. I want the skeletons to not just come out of the closet — but to walk, and be free from their self-inflicted coffins.

We all have reasons for hanging on to what we shouldn’t. And we all have reasons for letting go of what we hope comes back. It can be tough. Blinding. And hurt. A lot. But when we find that balance… when we do it right, it can be really liberating, too.

It's less about how we're born, and more about the choices we make. Choose wisely. :)



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