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Monday, April 25, 2011

What I Know For Sure (behind the scenes)

Hey my lollipop kids, yesterday we shot some sweet pics for our documentary, What I Know For Sure!

If you want to spirituality-stalk us, you can do it on its OWN PAGE!

We shot these "bookends" in Mustang Ridge in SE Texas, and in my ole neck of the woods, South Austin.

Beautiful (still) imagery was captured by Shad Chancey ( and Gabri Means ( in addition to the moving images, captured by LeVan Owens, and I couldn't be more high if I consumed ten thousand sugar cookies!

BIG THANKS to my fab model/actress, Venus Monique, too. Can it get any more gorgeous, daring? I think not.

Talk about 3 peas in a pod! Exchanging lenses, drooling over focus and brilliant manipulation... It was all an F stop blur to me, but I think we came out clearly OK! ;)

Love, J

More pics to follow SOON... in the meantime, join us on FB too!

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