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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last Chance to participate in Lost In Sunshine's online world & help create a short film!

Hello Sunshines!

While raising the BIG $ it'll take to shoot the movie, Lost In Sunshine, we decided to feature blogs from our main characters, Lyn and Bob, on a website first - Our hope is to attract early fans to our expanded online story world.

We're happy and blessed that we've touched those we have, so far! It's been fun to interact with all of you, and to exchange and share information and ideas! And most of all, to be lifted and inspired by your energy - daily!

We've steadily added behind-the-scenes and character content over the last two years, so this (IndieGoGo) campaign is a continuation of the process to keep 'the whole' rising! It's to raise the awareness of and to raise funds so that we can keep adding new story content to it.

We now have ONE MORE DAY LEFT for you to participate & be a part of something inventive, special, & exciting, like never before!!

What you need to know:
We've changed the campaign a bit! In lieue of 3 of the online games we'd planned, we want to instead shoot a short film, based on the movie.

Please check out this LINK for the simplified campaign!

You can donate any amount or simply share our link, and we'll be GRATEFUL!

Our goal is to now raise at least $1,000 by Friday (but we couldn't change it from the original amt).

Thanks for continuing to be with us though this wonderful, windy, exciting, insanely fun process!

With Crazy Love, Jentri

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