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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Screenwriting - finding the perfect ending

One of the ways we learn as screenwriters is through other people... other people's mistakes, lectures, advice, structures, strategies, and demonstration of promise.

That's why I'm taking a moment to share with you a few thought provoking notes (to get you started) from one of the best lectures I've come across for screenwriters that has to do with "endings." Who doesn't want the perfect ending to their screenplay, right?

It's a lecture that was given to me during a script consultation by an independent filmmaker and professor. I believe she referred to it as "gold" and I have to say, when I thought I'd lost the DVD once... and my husband had something to do with it... yeah, it wasn't good. Thank goodness I found it.

Here are some beginning notes from the lecture on what makes a good ending. May they serve you all as much as it's served all of us, and help aid you in your quest to find the perfect ending. :)


Endings lecture by Michael Arndt

The Insanely Great Ending
•Emotional release
•Sense of clarity
•“New Eyes” on the world
•Life is actually pretty great

Examples of movies with great endings:
The Insanely Great Ending
•8 1/2
•Star Wars
•Catch 22 (the book)
•The Graduate
•The Bad News Bears

Bad endings:
Positive, but predictable

Good ending:
Positive, but surprising

Insanely great ending:
Positive, but surprising AND meaningful

Meaningful emotion = insanely great

In last 2 mintues: how does it work? what's at stake?
Notes TBC in next post...:)

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