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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indie Filmmakers, Stay on Track!


This article rings true on so many levels for me. Us indie filmmakers have been the trial and error of our own experimentation these past few years, like rats. It may not be the first time the industry's had such a massive disruption in the way we handle distribution, watch movies, etc., but it's certainly the first one I've had to deal with (since I'm in my 30's).

The work is inescapable, and the payoffs are rarely, if ever, a guarantee. I decided a long time ago that I'd do this work even if it never paid me anything monetarily. I do it for the love of indie filmmaking. For the love of writing. For the love of art, the opportunities, passion, freedom it brings, and the thrill... don't you?

This article brought back a lot of mixed feelings for me because of what we've experienced in the last few years regarding the new world of film, with Lost In Sunshine, and Aether Paranormal, especially. If I were investing in these projects for a monetary gain, I would have bailed a long time ago!! Money is great, and when it comes I'll say, THANK YOU!!!! But until it does, I'm meditating myself back to one.

Creating great work has always been the mission. As a writer & indie filmmaker, it can get overwhelming, with all the talk out there about what we should be focusing on (i.e., social media, PMD's, transmedia, all wonderful tools & concepts, btw). It's easy to get lost or off track with the original intention of what we set out to create.

I want the audience member that I like being. One that's looking for an experience, an escape, excitement, or shift in the day.

And the only way I'll ever achieve that is to keep doing good (story/film) work and putting it out there... so on I go! :)

Happy Creating!

Love, J

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