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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colorado Bound!

It's official - my film projects are moving to Colorado with me next year, along with my hubby and three pugs. Most of my current projects (i.e., Born Good and What I Know For Sure: Quest for the Cosmos) will be in post, and a new screenplay awaits me... as much as I want to take advantage of all the snow(y) activities and outside adventures, I'm also looking forward to quiet time with an extra hot soy latte, a fireplay, and "forever lazy" addition. Who says adults can't wear Onesies! I can't wait to really just lose myself in a story again. Give it the full attention is needs and deserves, like I did with Lost In Sunshine. My heart gets all mushy just thinkin' about it. Until we meet again, Boulder... save some ghosts, and a good writing spot back in a corner, with hot chocolate, for me. less than three :)

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