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Friday, February 3, 2012

Expectations and making Born Good

Our dramatic comedy, Lost in Sunshine , is momentarily taking a little back seat while I work on building my directing reel with micro-budget feature, Born Good, along side partnering producers, Sabrina McClendon and Lorie Marsh, with associate producer, Jeff Jones. Wow! This sounds like a full on production, y'all!

As Lorie put it, "it's a small, character [driven] piece with a 50-page script and outline combo to stoke improvisation among actors." Thank you, Lorie.

After shooting Volando Muerte, with Aether Paranormal in 2011, and excitedly planning for our next paranormal adventure to take place in 2012-2013, I've been eager to sink my teeth into more narratively structured material, too.

In walks Born Good with one eye half closed like Jack Elam...

During a script consulting session, Lorie asked me where the inspiration (for BG) came from. The theme was clearly, "expectations." Embarrassingly, I hesitated... I didn't have a specific answer, like I did with LIS. After thinking more... I realized it might have been slightly inpsired by watching one of my (unadvertised guilty pleasure) shows, Teen Mom.

There's just something intriguing about the different circumstances in which we're born into. We don't ask for it, and for better or worse, we don't have a choice. What are the expectations placed on us as we come into the world, and how do they effect our own expecations as we grow older? Do we have the ability to change this reality at anytime?

I'd like to think so.

It's funny how inspiration reaches out and grabs us at the most unassuming times. Hell, just go with it... from that (Teen Mom) thought to pre-production... that's how life happens. Unexpected. When the universe's emptiness winks at us, and gives us a blank canvas, just say thank you. :)

Happy Creating! Heehaw (that was Boom Boom, the donkey)! J

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