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Monday, March 5, 2012

Aether Paranormal with Discovery Studios at Willie Nelson's TX Ranch

Yesterday, we filmed a blaze reel with Discovery Studios (from LA) at Willie Nelson's Texas Ranch. A blaze reel, if you're not familiar, is a 3-5 minute video that's created to aid the production studio head in pitching a concept (i.e. reality TV show) to networks.

It was a long, productive night of hero shooting (learned yet another HW word, in addition to sizzle reel, and paper cut!), paranormal investigating, and Brad Meltzer-style reading for the camera.

Willie's granddaughter, Rebecca, and her hubby, Chris, were kind enough to give us a tour of the Ranch, and stay with us for the duration of our shoot.

Although we didn't do a full night of investigating, there were a couple of spooky moments... I'm pretty sure there's something upstairs at the Armadillo Headquarters that Willie's holding out on us about.

Soooo, now what? Now we edit the footage, and Discovery pitches the original concept we created to all the networks. From there, it's into the dark unknown... ;)

We've been working on getting a TV project lifted for about three years now, and have had contracts with three different production companies at different times with various ideas. Some ours. Some theirs. Looking back, I'm not sure our show, or team, was ever really pitched to anyone that could do anything. Not really. It's a hard game out there. And people talk. A lot.

The entertainment business is made up of large groups of people who do two things, 1) say no, AND 2) make shit happen. If you can't take "no", get out while you're heart is still in tact, or learn to create a secondary heart - one made of rubber. As unromantic as that seems, you'll be able to bounce back. :)

Love & Hugs, J

Left to Right-
Shad, Dug, Ernie, Rob, Matt, Jentri, Carly, Beaux

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