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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being Sunny

I always thought I was the one keeping Lyn going in Sunshine. It's not until this moment, that I’m realizing how much she's kept me going, too.
Lost In Sunshine's taught me that you don't give up on your dreams... because without them, life is dim. 
And without people to call family, life is just about meaningless. 
Through my characters, like Lyn, I've learned to laugh at things harder, and to not care as much about what other people think is right or wrong. It's what's inside of ME that counts. It's what I know to be true and right that counts.

LIS has inspired me to keep going, even when I barely have the energy to, because like movie-making, motherhood or relationships - life's not always easy, but you have to find ways to healthily deal with it.
Recently, I remembered a Marilyn quote I have hanging in my bathroom about things sometimes falling apart so that 
we can appreciate them when they fall together.  I now realize that if we're wise we'll learn to live in the moment and love the moment we're in, especially when things are good. Because without fail, it won't ALWAYS be sunny. Weathering storms is part of life.
It doesn't mean we can't be excited about the bright future ahead, but that we don't forget how special it is to just be... 
when everything and everyone is well... just breathe in the warmth and value in that... and feel the majestic energy the universe provides us with... always.
Now go back to climbing that mountain! J

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