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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Born Good: Still working

After much thought and with a heavy heart, I decided to turn over onto my head and put Born Good through the ringer with script consultant, Lorie Marsh, before hitting pre-pro hard and heavy. Sure, I may not get to shoot it this year, but when we do shoot it, I'll know I've put the necessary work into this story. I can live with that.

Head stands aren't nearly as easy as they were when we were five, btw, but they do keep you from erratically running. I'm now sitting upright with feet touching the deck, but there's still work to be done. A lot. Thankfully, my husband's taken up a slew of new musically instruments to keep me alert, since I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine in this higher altitude.

So, without further blabbering to clog your brains, here's the first page of my new script, Born Good. But I'm still working. Please excuse directors notes. More soon. xo J

HOLLERBACK FAMILY gathers around the birth of a BABY BOY in a small, sterile room.

Split screen, focus is on baby Steven.

This is me. Steven Jack Elam Hollerback is what they decided on, after my dad insisted on giving my name a western flare.

A MAN cries standing over the baby.

That’s my dad, Ronnie. All of his hopes and expectations wrapped up into one little bundle.

BLOOM FAMILY gathers around the birth of a BABY GIRL, wrapped in a pink blanket, in a traditional hospital room setting.

Focus on baby Katie fills the other half of the split screen.

GRANDMOTHER holds and comforts the baby.

This is me, Katie Bloom. Born to fly.

Grandmother drops her.

OK... maybe not fly. But I was born to survive.

There’s a dreary brown theme throughout, with light wooden floors, and amber lighting. Gold candle stands, cheap blue chairs, and tall lamps decorate the area. A coffin sits center stage, with a black back drop.

STEVEN HOLLERBACH (28) tall, lanky, disheveled hair, and boyish good looks, quietly eats the last bite of a TV dinner as he sifts through LATE BILLS.

He wears black pants and a short sleeved plaid shirt.  He approaches the wilting tree, waters it. Takes the tree’s temperature, trims it. He takes a soil sample, places it in a bag, looks at it in the light.

(to Tree)
What am I doing wrong?

He picks up a book on Biocommunication and writes down notes on how to talk to plants.

(leaning into tree)
Thank you very much.
(Gesturing as a matter of factly with hands)

He puts on his toboggan, walks over to a DEAD BODY on a table, pulls out his makeup kit and applies powder. He tells the cadaver a joke.

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