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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ed Burns and Ted Hope: Failure For The Win (Video)

In this conversational video, two of my favorite film people, Ted Hope and Ed Burns, help us tackle some tough (film-life) questions: Am I really doing the thing that I love? How do I stay creative and productive? How can I reinvent myself and move forward (when I fail)? How can I structure my life so I can do what I love? How can I make sure I make movies on a consistent basis?

Key Notes:
*You can make movies for NO $!
*Filmmaking doesn't have to be a capitalistic enterprise!
*"We're getting there..." Ed Burns
*Move with the currency, move away from perfection to connect with audience
* Consider DIY approach to break even or be able to make next movie
*Actively work hard to make sure people have a broader perspective of your work
*Continue to lift work to next place by articulating things/methods you love about movies
*After failures, be honest with yourself about what works/what doesn't work.
*"Play, fuck up, fail" Ed Burns

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