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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lost In Sunshine: Securing leading talent!

Since 2008, we've been in pursuit of attaching our leading lady and now we can officially say, with loads of EXCITEMENT, that we've got our dream catch on board!

Securing (or attaching) a leading anything is quite the task. Not necessarily because of conflicting passions or personalities, but because in between verbal and written agreements, and legal and 'management' council, there's always a ballgame that has to be played. Everyone has a goal, so understanding those goals is key. So is patience, so that all parties can make the best decision for themselves.

Before going into any type of pitch or meeting it's important to: Know your story, know your business plan, know your vision, and last but not least - be open to alternative storytelling. Stories are not meant to be hoarded.

When contemplating actors, I always look for creative energy to conspire with, before I look for the best talent.  In my experience, skills can be perfected, but even the most talented can falter under a less than enthusiastic spirit, or bad attitude.

Or they can simply slide across your laminate floor on both knees in hopes of winning your affection (true story).

With Lost In Sunshine, our world(s) was and continues to be built off uplifting energy, and people who believe in our story/message(s)/talent/vibe. So it's no wonder that we found a talented and like-minded leading lady whose mission it is to create material that does just that. She's got gusto, like Lyn, and she's not afraid to fearlessly put herself out there and make a difference. 

In the end, isn't that what all of us creators are trying to do in some way?

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Thank you for our ongoing support and friendship!

Love, Jentri

  We are tiny patches of the universe looking at itself and building itself. - John Wheeler

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