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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Distribution Site for Indie Filmmakers

*FLM.TV Launching Indie Film Distribution Pay-Per-View Site on October 30th

FLM.TV's new site is the creation of 4 years of development in order to 
provide Indie Film Makers a way to market, distribute their films and 
generate revenue from sales. FLM.TV allows Film Makers to take control 
of their distribution and the site is free.
This on-demand site is ideal for those Film Makers seeking distribution 
and because it is an Indie Film community site, it is a complement to 
other Internet Video on Demand (IVOD) distribution sites like AppleTV, 
GoogleTV, Amazon or Zune. (Please check your distribution contract for 
any limitations.) FLM.TV is best described as an Amazon, Netflix or 
Hulu for Indie Films.

FLM.TV will be conducting a National Publicity launch and are looking 
for 10 Films/Film Makers to showcase during the month of November. 
These films will be selected from submitted films and will be 
contacted if your film has been selected. In addition, we would like to 
invite all Film Makers who are interested in participating on FLM.TV's 
IVOD site to submit your information below before October 12, 2012. All 
emails that come after 11th will be sent the link, but not be considered 
for inclusion of our National Campaign.

*To Recap: *FLM.TV is free for Film Makers to use. Film Makers receive 
direct and immediate revenue. Film Makers will receive a link to upload 
to site.

*For Submission provide information below:
1. Link to trailer.
2. Poster (attach)
3. Title of Film:
4. Synopsis/Logline:
5: Production Company Name:
6: Genre:
7. Time/Minutes/ Length of Film:
8: Rating: (ie, pg-17, R, etc)
9. Availability for Oct.19th or 20th for Step and Repeat Interview. 
(Specify Best Date for FLM.TV Interview)
10. FLM.TV, a Sponsor of Austin Film Festival, will be available to 
discuss: Oct 19th and 20th at 106 East 8th, Austin Texas 78701 from 9am 
- 7pm. (ONLY THESE 2 DAYS)
Please send the above information to*: *
<x-msg://1753/>* Subject Line: Indie Film for 

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