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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chancey Marsh Production Update

I've been lucky enough to work with my partner, Lorie since 2008. Most of our film efforts have been on financing/producing Lost In Sunshine, our independent dramatic comedy about a repressed intuitive that wants to run away from her future as a small-town wife and a recovering gambler who wishes he could undo his past by writing a best-selling Self-Help book. Although we've secured some funding, and have a talented TV actress on board, the work never ends and neither does the drive. We feel we have something special and want to hang on to it. A lot of time is spent brain storming to figure out what sticks and what doesn't.

But in the meantime... we (and you) gotta keep creating.

If you're in the world of filmmaking, you understand how many years it can truly take to bring a project to life, until you have your lucky (and successful!) break. So we've branched out, created a multi-platform/transmedia approach for Lost In Sunshine, in an effort to to create additional supporting content to surround/nurture/grow it, such as another short film based on its characters, a LIS novel, and a TV/Web series.

The short film, Visible Noise, that we shot in Austin in December 2013, is near completion, and we've begun to submit it to festivals. It's about a woman who mourns the loss of her ex by taking on his bad habits. We hope to show a more serious side with this film, starring Olivia Applegate.

Our most current project that we plan on producing later this year is another short script based on two characters from LIS, Visiting Hours. It's (mostly) a comedy about a woman who wants to visit her dad in the hospital. If only her anxieties would let her get through the door.

Time to bust out the holy wood and sage.


ps. Need help with your idea/script/production? We can help -- Visit WWW.CHANCEYMARSH.COM for more info.

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