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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Visible Noise Synopsis for Festivals

So it's that time... our short film is locked to picture perfection, thanks to our editor, Hutch, and we've begun submitting our film to festivals via withoutabox. So far, we've submitted to Toronto, Austin Film Festival and a few more. We will be submitting to a large handful more over the next couple of months. Meanwhile, we're still putting together our submission material online, and I thought I'd share our synopsis with you. It will help you better understand the meaning of our film, and our title - (His) Visible Noise. Now, on to our poster... ;) xoxoxo Jentri

Visible Noise

Story Leonard's love for her boyfriend, Billy, was revelatory to her. She didn't know she could love someone that deeply. But, Billy was an addict. After countless lies and excuses, she finally, reluctantly broke up with him.

Six months later, she gets a phone call she's always dreaded: Billy has overdosed and is dead. The lid she's been keeping on her heart splinters. Why did he choose drugs over her? Could she have saved him? Had he ever really loved her?

Angry and raw, she launches herself into a drug binge with Billy's best friend, Ryan. Despite Ryan's discouragement, Story's determined to feel for herself just what Billy experienced. But, this decision quickly puts her in a scary, compromising position that could even be deadly.

Finding herself strung out and shirtless in a dealer's bathroom, she wonders if she'll ever get her answers.

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