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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This week: Casting into the universe, launching new, interactive website, and IndieGoGo Campaign!

So, the tension is building inside... we're just hours away from launching our IndieGoGo campaign, which is following the launch of our (version 2) interactive website! During the week, we'll continue to release new features, content, videos, etc. on our Lost In Sunshine website, indiegogo page, twitter, and facebook.

The stressful part about it is not being able to predict the outcome, like most of life. All we can do it put it out there and hope that all of our love, devoted efforts, and continuous passion pays off. We hope that others will, more than just see how crazy hard we work, relate to our concept, characters, spiritual content/message, and theme. We hope that our audiences will want to participate (Then I'll have warm fuzzies).

As an indie filmmaker, there are no guarantees. So, what's comforted me is that the universe manifests itself the way it wants to, when it wants to, with, and sometimes without, our help. In other words, the outcome will be the same whether we worry about it or not. The point is to enjoy this magnificent journey, love the process and when we have completed something - find some satisfaction is looking at the final product and being proud, whether or not it ever makes a dime. Of all people, I know how difficult it is sometimes. But if we are in this line of work for the right reasons, it will not let us down. The universe will continue to aid us in our dreams, as we continue to hang on to hope, and put one foot in front of the other.

Now go get 'em! I'll meet ya out there. :)

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