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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie Cloud: Hanging on to Hope

For all of my movie-making and film-lover friends out there, here's a great resource-to-be. Yes, it's ambitious, but what in film isn't? And I like their attitude. Let's start being pro-active, instead of just frustrated.

Lorie and I have been feverishly working to get Lost In Sunshine made since 2008. We have a tight story, which we got by working on for over two years, have greatly experimented with various levels of transmedia and social media, have an in-detail 30 page business plan (with various budgets) and we have a crew/verbally attached (well-known) cast ready to rock and roll. We've attended events, networked, tried to create excitement, and even got our first big investor in 2009 (thank you, R!)! We've even had several respected HW producers/distributers read it and compliment our story, and advise us on our project. We've paid big bucks for a marketing/distribution specialist we can't use fully, yet, a car to be painted, locations to be scouted, art to be made, websites to be built, and a monthly newsletter to be mailed from a mailing list we created.  We've been very proactive and frustrated, and guess what? LIS still isn't made!! But that's ok... remember, my greatest gift is hanging on to hope when it feels hopeless. Besides, for better or worse like a marriage, there's nothing else my brain will fully let me do in life!  :)

In addition, I have a finished mixed genre horror film, Volando Muerte, that's a bit in limbo, because of the what-I-know-to-be dilemma(s) of DIY, FESTIVALS, HW, ETC.

Something like this ( seems too good to be true. But guess what, I like too good to be true, especially when it has a viable plan I can read, listen to, and engage in. I'm tired of talk-talk-talk from those who have one agenda - their own. I'm ready to be a team again, and I hope this is A WAY we can finally reach out globally and do it.

How will we know if we don't try, right?

From Indiegogo: What is Movie Cloud™?

Movie Cloud™ is a global, one-stop, open architecture, web-centered movie studio. movie bank and on-demand movie theatre theatre for the 50,000+ comedies, dramas, thrillers, romcoms, documentaries and more that you never get to see. Just as Amazon has become the World's Biggest Bookstore, Movie Cloud will be the World's Biggest Movie Theatre. In addition. we'll have the movie-making tools you'll need to make your own movies (software, tutorials, databases, contacts, directories, checklists, agreements, legal forms, access to financing-funds) all in the cloud.


  1. Whilst Movie Cloud sounds good on paper I worry there is anything to backup some of the claims made by Mr Simens. I asked several questions on the Indiegogo page for the project only to be brushed off with over exuberant claims. I kept asking the questions without getting the answer I and others have been asking for. Mr Simens approach to any difficult questions is to delete the posts rather than answer them. It's quite plain that Mr Simens is unable to answer the questions which is why he's taken this unprofessional approach.

    Some of the questions asked were... is there a corporate website with more information on it? It is claimed that the solution has been in development for 4 years, is there a demo of key functionality available or screenshots? Some rather large numbers have been banded about such as 50,000 independent features produced per year, are there any hard facts to back this claim up? A movie banker fund of $175m is being set up, where is this coming from and how will it be administered?

    All reasonable questions I feel, which should be very easy to answer but Mr Simens either chooses not to or as is more likely the case, he is unable to answer them.

    Come on Mr Simens give 'The People' the answers to the questions they are asking.

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  3. I understand your frustration, and I'm sorry this has been your experience. Your questions seem totally reasonable, and should be acknowledged. Hopefully there will be more light shed on your concerns in the next few weeks the campaign. I will follow up here if I learn anything more. Thank you for sharing this info with us!! J